Monday, 8 November 2010

2nd Nov 10 : Learning Journey to the Science Centre (Food from Plants)

Hi girls, I am sure all of you have truly enjoyed the learning journey we had at the Science Centre.
Miss Yati certainly did!

Our educator, Miss Ng was very nice and helpful and I am sure all of you have learnt alot from the activities.

Why don't each of you share what you have learnt?

Write your comments based on the following questions! =)

1. 3 things I have learnt
2. 2 things I enjoyed
3. 1 question that I have

I am looking forward to your responses, so keep them coming!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Math Quiz (6)

A magic square has all lines going across, down and diagonally adding to the same number.
What is the missing value?

Answer to Math Quiz (5)


Jamie, Peter, Karen and Ben had a race.
Their finishing order was 1, 2, 3, 4 with no ties.
Ben was faster than Karen, but was not 1st or 3rd.
Jamie was just one place in front of Karen.
Who was first?

Ben was faster than Karen, but was not 1st or 3rd, so Ben must be 2nd. (Ben cannot be 4th as well since he beat Karen and 4th is last position; that would be Karen.)
Jamie was just one place in front of Karen, so Jamie is 3rd and Karen is 4th.
So Peter is first!

Answer to Math Quiz (4)

Find the unknown (?). Provide your method in getting the answer.

Take 8 + 9 (from the 1st thirds of the 2 circles) = 17 (number shown in the 1st third of the other circle)
3 + 5= 8 (Follow the same steps as the one above)
? + 14 = 40
Answer: 26
Congratulations to those of you who got it right!
Those of you who failed to do so, don't give up, please keep trying! You CAN do it! :-)

Picture Puzzles - English

Hi Children,

How has your holiday been?

Here are some rebus puzzles.
A rebus puzzle is a kind of word puzzle that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words.

Guess what the following rebus puzzles are trying to say.

Using a straw to pull liquid up?

Hi P3 Faith pupils, do the simple experiment and answer the following questions:

1. When you drink liquid from a cup using a straw, are you really pulling the liquid up?
2. Explain why the liquid can travel up the straw and reach your mouth?(hint: related to air and pressure)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Water Safety

Hi P3 Faith,

Do you remember the composition you wrote on water safety?

Here's one such composition written by a pupil in the level.

"Alright boys, you have practised well today. Let's call it a day and we shall meet again tomorrow. As the competition is coming soon, go home and rest well." said the soccer coach before he dismissed the boys. John took his soccer ball and left the field.

On his way home, John dribbled his ball merrily along a canal. Suddenly, he tripped over a stone and fell. The ball rolled into the canal. As it was his favourite soccer ball, John desperately tried to get the ball back. He leaned over the railings and tried to retrieve the ball. At that moment, he accidentally fell into the canal.

John cried out in fright. He really hoped that a passer-by would come to his rescue. Fortunately at that moment, someone walked past the canal and heard John's cries for help. Without any second thoughts, the passer-by quickly jumped into the canal to save John. He swiftly swam towards John and saved him.

It was indeed a wonder that John was rescued in such a deep canal. However, John could not retrieve his soccer ball. Nonetheless, it was a good lesson learnt for John that day. He vowed never to commit the same mistake again.

I have 3 questions for you to think about.

(1) pick out 2 good words / phrases
(2) pick out a good idea / portion from the above composition that you think can improve the composition you wrote
(3)change the ending of this composition (last paragraph)